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Keeping Sellers Happy

June 15th, 2017

Today's sellers can be anxious about what the market will hold. Once a homeowner has made the decision to sell, though, they are ready for you to lead them through to the end.

Today's sellers expect to be involved in the selling process. They stay up-to-the-minute in every other aspect of their life and accept nothing less from you.

They get Facebook updates on the latest activities of their friends. Family members instant message and email them with news and questions. CNN and other media outlets post the latest real time news from around the globe. They can even get the latest news and events on their smartphones.

Take a moment to consider these tips that will keep your seller informed … and happy.

  • Give your seller the MLS and link to their home listing so they can review the information and pictures. The seller knows their home best and may have suggestions.
  • If regular face-to-face meetings don't fit into your schedule or theirs, then consider setting up a Skype account for video chatting. It's free and is so much more personal than a phone call or email.
  • Phone calls are good, though. Even if there hasn't been activity on the home, you should still communicate with the seller. Let them know there haven't been any bites yet. Also let them know what other marketing plans you may have as a Plan B.
  • Texting is a quick and simple way to let buyers know you are on the way to a showing, on your way to a meeting, or have received a call for more information. Texting can be a fairly non-intrusive way to keep in touch.
  • Email home updates to your client. If your seller is also looking to buy, you can be sure to include prospective homes you feel are a good fit for them.
  • Lunch meetings are a great way to treat your client while you talk over the latest news. You can discuss new offers, marketing strategies, home staging tips, and anything else you think would benefit the seller. Plus, everyone loves to be taken to lunch.
  • Monthly newsletters can help a seller keep up-to-date on the latest market trends in your area and the market as a whole across the country. An informed seller is a more comfortable seller. Knowledge is power.

We are a connected society. With so much money and emotion on the line for your homeowner during the selling process it only makes sense to keep them as informed and up-to-date as possible. This may mean letting them know there isn't any news or sharing news of a tiny bite of interest. Either way it's okay, because it signals to the seller they are a top priority in your business.

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