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Your Clients Need You More Than Ever

February 17th, 2017

In unsettled times, your clients need you more than ever

We are in extraordinary, unpredictable times. The standard rules no longer apply in terms of politics or policy - both of which, as seen by the sudden, albeit not stunning, reversal of the FHA mortgage insurance premium discount, will are going to weigh on home buyers and sellers. But out of uncertainty comes opportunity: never has the need for your expert guidance been more critical. Those buyers and sellers need a real estate professional with both the market and people experience to instill calm and confidence by providing education and focus. What is some advice you can offer?

Break the stress cycle
You always encourage your buyers and sellers to embrace the good things about their journeys, but stress inevitably creeps in - and there's more that is weighing on them now. While there is always the old standby "count to ten," the American Heart Association offers some additional suggestions on de-stressing that you can pass along to your clients:

  • Positive self-talk: be your own cheerleader and give yourself pep talks when things look down
  • Emergency stress stoppers: break tasks down into smaller bites, take a walk and come back to a problem later
  • Find pleasure: do the things you enjoy - repeat - do them again
  • Daily relaxation: use meditation, yoga and other ways to get your mind and body back into sync1

Focus on what you can control
While it's inevitable that multiple shoes will continue to drop in Washington, we can't anticipate or control what will happen next any more than we can the family dog getting sick on the bed at two in the morning. That makes it critical for you to encourage your buyers and sellers to tune out the noise and news, and stay tuned into their respective goals: sellers, getting their homes into "show shape" and prepping for a move; buyers, finding the right mortgage and looking for a house.

Know that you aren't alone
Nothing can instill more confidence in your clients than to know that they are in good hands with you, their mortgage professional, home inspector and all of the other people involved with their house sale or search. Every day, you need to let them know that all of these individuals are working hard to ensure that everything goes right for them. Communication is critical - and it doesn't always have to be to let a seller know you're scheduling an open house or to tell a buyer about a great new home that just hit the market. That friendly call, text or email just to say hello is an even more powerful way to say, "I'm here for you - and just a [insert form of contact] away."

Keep calm and carry on
You've seen those prints everywhere and the sentiment rings as true today - for both your clients and you - as when it was first used in Great Britain nearly 80 years ago. While you are keeping buyers and sellers calm, you need to also follow the same advice so that you can carry on and moderate your own stress at both work and home. If you aren't good to yourself, then you won't be any good to anyone else - and your buyers and sellers need you now, more than ever, to help them navigate the real estate market in these unsettled times.


  1. "Four Ways to deal with Stress," American Heart Association, June 2014,


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