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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

September 8th, 2016

Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

You’ve decided to sell your home. The next step is to learn a bit more about the selling process. Choose an agent you can talk to, and you have to believe they have your best interests in mind. It’s also important to hire an agent that has specialized knowledge of your neighborhood. They will know how to price and position better.

If you want to sell your home quickly, you will want to look into hiring a professional stager. Additionally, you will want to improve the curb appeal. Your real estate agent may have fresh flowers planted to add color. Yellow apparently evokes a buying emotion which explains why they use so many marigolds. Ensure that you have a gardener come and mow the lawn weekly. You may want someone to come out every day during the Fall when there are leaves all over or the Winter if you get snow.

And do listen to your agent about minor repairs. The low cost will really pay off.

Hire a cleaning company to come in and do a deep clean top to bottom. You don’t want any cobwebs or dust in windowsills. Get your carpets professionally cleaned.

Quick Tips

Don't Use Plug-In Air Fresheners

The oily or waxy smell can be a turn-off to some people. Your best bet is to bake a load of cookies before people visit. Also, if you have pets, you want them to be somewhere else for awhile. If you choose to get your carpets cleaned, spring for the deodorizing as well.

Last Second Lookers

If your agent says that someone wants to come over in 15 minutes, let them even if the house is a bit messy. It's these type of last minute lookers that turn into impulsive buyers.

Don't Be Offended By Low Balls

The fact that they made an offer means you may be able to negotiate them up. Let your real estate agent see what they can do.

Read the Contract Carefully

Very successful agents often pass their listing to junior agents and let them use the name. Before you sign a contract, make certain you know who will be working with you and what they will be doing. By having proper expectations set, you'll have a better experience.

Some agents put in additional fees ranging from $250 to $1,500 on top of their standard commission. It's intended to cover their brokerage's administrative costs.

All of these fees are negotiable.

Depersonalize and declutter

Buyers can’t see past personal stuff. You want buyers to imagine their own pictures on the walls, and they can’t do that if yours are there. Your goal is to get the buyer to think, “I can see myself living here.” So rent a storage unit and get rid of most of the stuff. Also, make sure you clean out your cabinets and medicine cabinets and closets. People love to snoop.

Leave Furniture or Agree to Hire A Stager

Empty rooms don't appear larger. In fact, they may appear smaller because the potential buyer has no sense of scale. And if the potential buyer sees furniture, they can imagine themselves living in the home more easily.

That being said, always keep your counter tops clear of clutter in the kitchen and bathrooms. If you're still living there, keep a special place where you can swipe everything into at the last second.

And don't go overboard with decorating like wine glasses in a tray next to the bed, or fake pies on the counter. That could turn people off.

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