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Decoration Storage Ideas

December 31st, 2015

ChristmasDecoration2008-11-26-1227737921It’s time to un-deck the halls (or almost time). Many stores are having sales on storage solutions. So take a little time to plan out what you have and where you want to store it.

Artificial Tree

If you don’t have the box anymore (or it’s not in great shape), they do make bags for artificial trees. Make sure you buy the size that’s correct for your tree. Some bags have wheels on them to make it easier to move around. Others having plastic hooks that allow you to hang the bag up in a closet or the rafters in the attic.

Wrapping Paper and Ribbons and Bows

Buy an inexpensive garment bag, and place the rolls in it. You can put the ribbon and bows in the bottom as well. Then just hang it up in an out of the way place.


Look for a box with dividers for not-so-precious ornaments. You can even take a wine box and stack them up using tissue paper between them. Cardboard doesn’t trap humidity like plastic does if you live in an area that gets a lot of humidity changes over the years.

Fragile ornaments need a little extra TLC. If you’re concerned, find acid-free paper to wrap up the ornament in. Roll the ornament in the tissue to create a tube and then fold one side over and tape it down. Fold down the other side and tape it down. Now you have thick padding on all sides.

Another idea is to gently wrap the ornament and place it into a plastic cup which can then be stored in a plastic bin. The plastic cups need to fill the bin in order to provide the cushioning. If you don’t want the cups to move at all, take a piece of cardboard and hot glue the cups down. Make sure you test the size of the cardboard before starting to glue. You don’t want to have to be cutting it down because it doesn’t fit in the plastic bin. The nice thing about this method is you can put in a few layers of cups if the bin is tall.

And our last suggestion for ornaments is to store them in used egg cartons that can easily be stacked into storage bins.


  1. Check the strand for dead bulbs before you get ready to put them away. Replace them and discard strands that just don’t work anymore.
  2. Put all extra bulbs and fuses together into a kit
  3. Loop the strand and wrap the ends around the loop’s center
  4. Store each strand in its own sealed plastic bag to prevent tangling. If you leave some air, it will act as a cushion.

Another idea for storing Christmas lights is to take a flap from a cardboard box and wind the strand around it. Then you can store the cardboard in a plastic bin.

A third idea is to use an old shoebox in a similar fashion. You can wind the strand of lights around the top (after you’ve trimmed off the edges) and then store the lights inside the box. A shoebox can hold a few strands each on their own cardboard.

If you have a really long strand, such as outdoor lights, you can use a hose reel if you don’t want to purchase one specially made for holiday lights. It’s important to know where you’re going to store it before you buy the reel.

Wreaths and Garlands

There are specially made plastic boxes for wreaths. If you’re very concerned about keeping your wreath in good shape, invest in one.

Garlands are like lights in that they can easily get all tangled up. One idea is to store each one in its own sealable plastic bag. Another idea is to find a piece of cardboard and cut a notch in it. Hook in one end of the garland and wind it around. Then you can hook the other end of the garland into the notch, and it will be easy to rehang next year.

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