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Top 10 Reasons to Use Mortgage California

December 24th, 2010

1. Local Lending – Local Decisions – Local People: 95% of our lending is directly in the Bay Area. Nobody does local like we do.

2. Direct Access: Unlike typical banks, we’ve never heard of red tape. Here you deal with people who get the job done.

3. Adaptability: Change is inevitable in our business, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable – or unexpected.We manage change so you can concentrate on more important things.

4. Competitive Rates: As a mortgage banker and broker, we have access to the nation’s top lenders for the widest array of loans
available in the marketplace at the most competitive rates.

5. FHA Experts: Our experience as a Direct FHA lender allows us to internally streamline the entire process and close in 21 days or less.

6. Superior Appraisal Process: In-sourcing the appraisal process provides better control with faster results.

7. Accountability: Our parent company’s position as one of the top mortgage bankers in the nation demands higher standards and timely performance that yields superior results for you.

8. Focus: Unlike typical banks, our focus is 100% on financing the American Dream and the experience of getting there.

9. Negotiation Strength: Because of our high loan volume we are able to negotiate unique lending relationships that give our clients access to programs and more favorable rates not offered to the general public.

10. Personal Privacy: Your personal information will be protected at every point before, during and after your transaction, utilizing higher standards than required by law. We will not sell your information to anyone.

At Mortgage California, your success is our success. Our focus is entirely on helping homeowners finance their American Dream – and their experience of getting there.

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