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Aerial Yoga Infectious in the Office

July 22nd, 2011

Nikki Menda at The Yoga Studio in Campbell

Looking at Nikki you might glance over her as just another employee in the rank and file of the great people of our company. But in reality, Nikki Menda’s life might appear more like a performer for Cirque du Soleil than as our Setup and Facilities Manager. In her off time you can find her flying through the air as she practices aerial yoga.

What is aerial yoga? Think the body nourishing practice of yoga taken off the ground by way of of a strip of fabric called a hammock. According to Nikki, the hammock allows the yoga practitioner to attain an even better pose than just working on the ground. The hammock also allows its users to expand into unique poses that would not other wise be possible.

The story of how Nikki entered into the world of Yoga starts with a splash. Nikki, being a a die-hard surfer girl, was given a set of yoga DVD’s for surfers by her sister. After watching the videos, Nikki became hooked. She soon found a deep and resounding love for the practice.

Nikki has also been able to use her yoga to align her health as well as her inner self.

“It has literally kept me sane and has been a healthy outlet for all my residual negative and complicated emotions,” Nikki says. “It enables me to channel my feelings and expel them through an incredibly detoxifying process.

Nikki has shared her love of yoga with others at our headquarters, and loves to introduce her co-workers to the practice.

“I try to get everyone to try it,” said Nikki. “It’s a great way to get to know your co-workers outside of our four walls.”


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