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September 19th, 2012

Last month, we talked about decisions you face when replacing a roof.  This month, we’re going to look in more detail about the types of materials, and your choices when you replace or repair your roof.

The first thing your roofer will evaluate is the type of roof you’re replacing, and the pitch, or steepness, of your roof.  Certain types of roofs, like tile, will not be successful on steeply pitched roofs due to their weight.  Additionally, the roofer will plan for vents to ensure adequate ventilation in the attic space, even if that attic is six inches.

If you have wood shingle, you can replace them with steel that looks like wood.  This protects your house from fire and mold.  Steel will last the longest, and will withstand even large hailstones.

Whether you have composition or wood shingles, if you want to replace them with tile, you’ll need your roofer to analyze if your home can handle the extra weight, or look into a new style of ceramic tile that weighs less then the classic red tile.  This is also called a half-barrel because it’s a cylinder cut in half, and roughly sixteen inches long.  Steel shingles are lightweight enough that you can swap them out for any pitched roof.

If you have a pitched roof, and you wonder what will happen, there’s a great article on Roofing Networks that explains the steps. The first is removing all of the old stuff, and that goes quickly. You wake up wondering what happened to your roof! If it sprinkles, a good roofer will lay down plastic tarp that protects your home.

If you have a flat roof, you will be looking more at repair rather then replacement. A good reference to understand your flat roof is at where you can see pictures of roofs and how they get repaired, and learn about the various materials. Did you know that there are over twenty different types of flat roofing materials? Find out more here.

And finally, no matter what kind of roof you have, it will be loud when they put the new roof on. Your pets may be unhappy for a few days, so try to find a quieter place where they can feel safe. And then, when the storms are blowing this winter, you’ll feel extra cozy knowing your roof is protecting you and your family.

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