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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

November 20th, 2012

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Decorating on a dime, or have a bit of budget to spend?  Today’s blog will inspire you to start decorating today for the big feast on Thursday.  Even if you’re not hosting, you can still enjoy the warm glow of seeing decorations in your home.  Additionally, some of these ideas could be a great host(ess) gift.

Things to Make Yourself

Transform a serving platter into a mini chalkboard using special paint you can find in most craft stores.  Write the menu, or cocktails, or even a warm greeting for your guests in colorful chalk.  You could transform a thrift store find into a great present for the less than $20 (the cost of the paint, a brush, a pack of chalk, and the platter).  For a video showing how to do this, click here.  (warning, there are ads before and after, and the video starts playing right away)

Take a basket, some leaves from outside, some fruit or some leftover pumpkins, and you’ve got a centerpiece.  Apples and grapefruit in an antique tin can be a country kitchen replacement for the cornucopia.   For 20 inspiring ideas, click here. (it’s a slideshow)

And for the individuals, here’s ideas for place cards and napkin rings.  It’s also a slideshow.

From Casual

Host a Casual Thanksgiving Brunch slideshow

Fun and silly ideas slideshow.  Our favorite was using plastic wishbones for a napkin ring so everyone can make a wish.

To Formal

Tips for setting a formal Thanksgiving table

Martha Stewart recommendations for Thanksgiving decorating.  And here’s how she recommends a variety of table settings.

And Don’t Forget The Kids

LilSugar shows how to make paper turkey place cards, and has additional recommendations to make the kids table fun. recommends adding in little favors such as stickers, stencils, coloring books and age appropriate jigsaw puzzles to keep the kids occupied.

Keep it fun for you so you enjoy your home.  Don’t get caught up in needing to be perfect so that it becomes stressful.

Do you have regular decorations you bring out each year?  Have you brought your Christmas decorations out too, or do you wait until after Thanksgiving?

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