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Your Best Deals In February

January 30th, 2013

Calendar 2013 - FebruaryYour Best Deals In February

It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the end of January.  We hope you got some good deals for your home, but if you didn’t, there’s plenty more for February.

There are some major events in February that will yield some good bargains and opportunities, so plan ahead.  However, there are some things you may want to wait on like the iPad mini since Apple usually releases new products end of April or early May.  At that point, the prices on the prior model will drop.  Also, if you wait until July, there should be some great prices on refurbished models.  Also, there is a mobile show in Spain in late February when the companies introduce their new mobile phone models, so wait to purchase a new phone until March when the prices on the older models will go down.

Still A Good Deal

It’s still a good time to buy 2012 electronics like HDTVs and some computers.

Tax software still has some pretty good deals.

There is still a large inventory available on outerwear like winter coats.

It’s also still a good time for things like air conditioning, boats, motorcycles, etc.  And it’s a good time for wedding supplies since most people still get married in the Spring and Summer.

For your home maintenance, you should be able to find discounts from roofers and other home improvement or remodeling contractors.  The weather may delay the completion of the project, but you should get a good discount as the contractors like to stay busy.

Valentine’s Day Sales

Now, we don’t really mean buy things before Valentine’s Day as the discounts will be minor.  But after Valentine’s Day, you should be able to get some significant discounts on jewelry, lingerie, candy, cards, decorations, etc.

President’s Day Sales

During the three day event, you should be able to find some incredible bargains like 80% off of bedding, apparel, tools and furniture.  Other stores will tack on an additional 20-30% off existing sales

Furniture manufacturers release their new models in February, so you should be able to find some great deals when the stores want to clear out floor space.


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