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Updating The Color Schemes In Your Home

February 27th, 2013

Paining concept! Paint cans

 Updating The Color Schemes In Your Home

Maybe you’re tired of Navaho White walls or Realtor Beige carpet, and you’re ready to pull a room together like a professional decorator.

It’s best to start with one room at a time so you can evaluate if you like the colors, and to give yourself time to complete the job. Then you can decide if you want to continue the theme throughout the house, or if you want different color schemes in each room.  Some decorators have a base color throughout the whole house, and using different accents to make each room unique.

You can save money by doing all of the work yourself, or by doing as much of the prep work as possible. There are many kits and books that you can use to teach yourself decorating and home improvement.

Paint and Wallpaper

As we’ve talked in previous post on paint and wallpaper, you can create different feels using textures. One good plan is to get small samples of your top three paints. Then paint large patches on the walls so you can see how you like how it looks on your walls and with your lighting.  For wallpaper, you’ll need one roll and some masking tape to get feel for how the wallpaper will look.


Reupholstering your furniture is really easy. You can go online and find samples of fabrics you really like. has a couple great features that make your shopping easy and fun. Or go visit your local fabric store like JoAnne’s or Hancock Fabric and get inspired with their color combinations. Get swatches that you can bring home.  Make sure they’re large enough so there’s no surprises with patterns.

You can try reupholstering yourself or find a local craftsman to handle it for you.  Usually the reupholsters pick up your furniture and drop it off within a few weeks. If you have a fabric that you like, you can order it, or you can order fabrics through them.

Slipcovers are even easier! A slipcover is a fitted piece of fabric that you can just pull over your couch or chairs. They are a great way to protect your furniture from every day use and it gives your room a great new look. There are patterns so you can sew your own, or purchase pre-sized slipcovers at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond or online from a variety of sites.


Now comes the fun!  First, place the furniture so you can see the how the room will flow. Next look into end tables or coffee tables for family and living rooms. Bookcases where needed. Then update your look with drapes or blinds depending upon your theme. Add in the accents like pillows or vases.  Use the color to pull the rest of the room together.

Wall décor is anything that hangs from the wall except lighting and that to could be considered décor. So we can have framed art or art without frames or even open frames over a wall to give it a certain taste. Metal, wood and plastic can all be relevant in the creation of art hanging objects.  Look into adding things like clocks, mirrors and other personal decorating touches.

In the placement of wall art, take your time and choose the proper eye height, have someone hold a picture while you decide on the location. If you’re working alone, use some painter’s wall tape, and then make an outline for your art piece, this tape removes easily without damaging your newly painted or wallpapered walls. If you have several pictures, make some sort of arrangement depending on the size of the frames. See our other post on decorating with photographs.

And then finally, look into where to place your light fixtures if you changed them around.


Bedroom Color Schemes

Living Room Color Schemes

Kitchen Color Schemes

Bathroom Color Schemes

Finally, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. If there’s something you really like about the room, highlight it and build the rest of the room around your inspiration.

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