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Bedroom Decorating Touch-Ups

July 16th, 2013

Modern master bedroom interiorBedroom Decorating Touch-Ups

Did you waking up thinking “It’s time to redecorate this room?” Or maybe your partner is thinking it’s time?

But you’re afraid of what it will cost? Or that it will take up a lot of time.

Panic no more. In today’s blog, we’ll look at quick, easy and affordable ways to change up your bedroom so you can sleep better at night.


Painting the walls does require prep time and another place to sleep while the room dries. But it is an inexpensive way to completely change out the feel of the room. You could paint the walls dark to create a cozy atmosphere. Or you could paint the walls a light color and the ceiling white to open up the room.

Paint stars, clouds or treetops on the ceiling for a whimsical touch.

Paint your furniture to add spots of color and a unique feel. Then you could take it a step further and add in accents with gold paint or white paint, and add in your own patterns.

Add stencil details to your walls if you’d rather have a new wall without having to repaint the entire room


Add in some plants, even if they’re fake. You could even decorate the pots.

Go to a second hand or thrift store and look for art you can hang. Or look for fun little things like bottles or shells that you can set up as a display. If you feel the creative bug bite, you could set up displays in special display boxes and hang those.

Add fabric accents to Roman shades. (Washing shades will bring back that nice bright white as well)

Create a cozy corner with a soft light and comfy chair. You can update the chair with slipcovers and accent pillows.

Pick up a comforter cover, or sew one yourself, instead of buying all new bedding.

Change out the knobs in dressers and drawers and closets.

Put a skirt around your side table to give it a different look.

Put up a frame and then paint the inside wall with the chalkboard paint. Leave colored chalk nearby to leave random love notes. (Save the honey-do’s for the kitchen)

Change out your curtains. You can either sew your own or purchase inexpensive panels.

Recover your accent pillows.

Purchase interesting looking books from a used bookstore and use them as accents. Or go look in your garage. You’ll probably find a box or two of books that you kept from college. Pull out a few books that you might enjoy re-reading and look into selling the rest to the used bookstore.

Create a memo board from bias tape to uniquely display photographs.

What will you try this weekend?

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