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More Interior Painting Tips

August 28th, 2013

PaintingMore Interior Painting Tips

In prior posts, we’ve talked about inexpensive decorating tips by painting, improving your home’s value, and whether you should use wallpaper or paint. We’ve even touched on how color affects the mood of the room.

And now we’re digging deeper to find more paint tips. Why? Because painting a room is something that can be done in a weekend. A simple coat of paint can refresh or clean up your walls instantly and a different shade can make an entire room appear redesigned.

Also by painting old furniture and your skirting boards, you get a cheap, simple, and effective way to spruce up your home.

Before undergoing any home improvement project, it is important to take into consideration every aspect of the project. How much time, energy and money will you need to spend? Do you have the final result clearly in mind?

The Tips

When adding a fresh coat of paint to white ceilings, use a pink ceiling paint to ensure that you don’t miss any spots. These specially tinted paints roll on pink but dry white, making it easier to tell if you have completely covered the old ceiling and eliminating that frustrating patchy look.

Turn the painting of a room into a family project. Painting the house together is a great way to bond and have fun while improving the home at the same time.

Many people who attempt to paint their homes have problems related to the improper selection of painting materials, but they don’t realize it at the time. If the paint isn’t rolling on smoothly, you’re going to have patches or drips, and that won’t provide good results. You must remember that cheap paint is not the way to go when painting your house.  And if you purchase a cheap roller that breaks in the middle of the project, it’s just going to be frustrating, and you may end up with a half painted room.

The best time of the year to paint your home in the spring and fall months. During winter, the air is filled with too much moisture that can cause the paint to take much longer to dry. During the summer months it can be too hot causing the paint to blister or bubble.

If you want to do an interesting design like stripes, practice first.

Look in books and magazines for inspiration as well as to learn current trends. If you have to sell your home quickly (maybe you won the lottery and are going to move to Hawaii), you don’t want something dated. And maybe you think it would be fun to have all black walls, but that hurts the value of your home. Most people don’t like bat caves, and you have to remove the paint or purchase expensive full coat primers before you can change the color as you can’t successfully paint over black paint without it showing through.

Which brings us to our final tip for today’s post. Don’t skip the primer. Primer not only provides a good surface for the paint, but it also brings out the paint’s true color.

What color do you want to paint your bedroom? And do you want different colors on the ceiling than the walls?

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