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What to Buy In September

August 30th, 2013

September CalendarWhat to Buy In September

We’re sending this out before September since we want you to take advantage of the great Labor Day Sales and know what to look for the rest of the month.


There’s a freebie this month! September 29th is National Coffee Day and some establishments are providing a free cup of joe. Last year, you could find free coffee at Krispy Kreme, Waffle House, 7-11, and Caribou Coffee. Keep your eyes peeled for other chains offering a sweet deal as well.

Labor Day Sale

A lot of the back to school bargains will end with this holiday weekend.

Summer items will be on bargain basement clearance.

Mattresses are often 50% off on Labor Day weekend.

Most stores have some kind of sale going on to bring you in. Look for sales at high end stores such as Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma, etc. Maybe now is the time to get that cappuccino machine you’ve been wanting.

Best Stuff To Buy This Month

  • Patio Furniture – Last year KMart won the slashing award for selling the remainder of its patio furniture for 90% off. Target and Sears sliced 60% off. Check out your local hardware stores like OSH or big box like Lowe’s and Home Depot to see what they’re offering at end of season.
  • Last Year’s Car Models – August and September are when the new cars come rolling off of the line and into dealerships. And the dealers want to have more room for the new cars, so look for great offers on the ones sitting on the lot. You can look for lower pricing and special financing deals.
  • Get the latest iPhone – Apple is set to announce the new release of the iPhone in September. They’ll drop the price on the 5 in order to clear out their inventory. Per DealNews, there are rumors that Cupertino is planning to release a “budget iPhone.” So either way, you’ll win out with an affordable iPhone.
  • Apple is expected to release a new iPad mini and Amazon is expected to release a new Kindle Fire. To clear out older inventory, look for big price drops.
  • HDTVs are still hanging out at all time low prices. Although they didn’t reach all-time low prices like they did in July, 55″ 3D LCD HDTVs did fall to their second-lowest price of the year ($700) this past August. Chances are the price won’t drop on these sets until the holidays, but if you’re in the market this month, look for deals at or below the average $729. This price point should get you a name-brand 55″ 3D TV with built-in WiFi and app support. Plasma screens are also hanging out at affordable prices.
  • Computers  – There are still some great deals on laptops and desktops thanks to the back to school sales. Stores that overbought will have inventory to clear out.
  • School Supplies – Yup, still a good time to buy all the paper and pens and pencils you’ll want for the year.
  • Golfing Equipment – Guess what else gets released in september?  Yes, new golfing equipment, so once again, look for good deals on last year’s models.
  • Barbecues and Grills – Love that end of season savings.
  • Landscaping Material – Yup, bushes and plants and mulch.
  • Jewelry – September is one of the 6 months with no gift giving, and so look for special pricing on jewelry
  • Produce in season: apples, berries, cantaloupes, honey melons, nectarines, peaches, plums, cauliflower, corn, eggplants, peppers and spinach

What Not To Buy

You might think to buy an appliance this month since manufacturers roll out their new models in September and October. But hold off on that until Black Friday sales in November.

And hold off buying Fall clothing. It’s at full price. Also, don’t buy your winter coat right now.

Are you planning on doing a lot of shopping this weekend?

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