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Decorating the Empty Spaces in your Bathroom with Accessories

October 2nd, 2013

spacious bathroom withDecorating the Empty Spaces in your Bathroom with Accessories

Do you have blank spaces in your bathroom and absolutely nothing to put in it?  It’s time to fill them up with accessories and knick knacks to create a warm and comforting environment.

To start, fill up an empty space on the floor by fixing up that old straight back chair you have hidden in the garage.

It’s simple to enhance an aged chair and make it into something fun. If you don’t have one hiding in the garage, take a quick trip to your local thrift store or even to a yard sale. Then buy or make a slipcover.

A slipcover is a fitted piece of fabric that you can just pull over your furniture. They are a great way to protect your furniture from every day use and it gives your room a great new look. You can make a slip cover fairly easily. Some people know how to cut, fold and tack down the fabric, no sewing necessary. Stores like Target and IKEA sell slipcovers that are easy to set up.

If you have a well established bathroom, you’ll want to work with the existing color palette. However, if you’re tired of it, this could be an opportunity to redecorate the bathroom entirely.

Then think about what you could use the chair for. Think beyond just some place to sit. Be creative. Guests will see it every time they enter the restroom.

Embellishing is simple and fun and you’ll boast of what you have actually completed.

You may need to remove old paint or varnish. Talk with your local hardware or paint store to find the right stripper for the chair. Then you’ll need to sand down the wood, and repaint or varnish.

If it’s metal, you’ll want to look into ways to remove any rust and polish it up. There are some great metal cleaners at boat stores.

Do you like to lounge around in the tub? Is there a vacant spot beside the chair to sit a basket on the floor and placed a couple journals in it? A small container will certainly keep your reading material well, all in one spot so it isn’t stepped on or wet when you step out of the tub or bath.

Look for shelves and knick knacks at thrift stores as well as yard sales.


Will you be hitting the yard sales this weekend to look for some new decorating treasures?

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