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What Tools Does A First Time Homeowner Need?

October 15th, 2013

Man fixing wooden plank withWhat Tools Does A First Time Homeowner Need?

You’ve just bought your first home and are getting ready to move in. You’re trying to stick to your budget and only get what you really need when you first move in.

But if you’ve lived in a rental, someone else has always taken care of maintenance and repairs.

So what tools do you really need to buy?

And, what luck, the holidays are coming up, so you can add these to your wish list.

The 15 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

MSN Real Estate posted that you can get these 15 tools for less than $200. And women, you should be learning to do the basic maintenance as well. If you hire a handyman in the future, you’ll know when they are being straight with you because you’ve already done it.

  1. A toolbox (well, where else are you going to store them?)
  2. Hammer – find one that you’re comfortable with
  3. Pry bar – 12-15″ is the best length
  4. Vise grips – also known as locking pliers. They hold things together until it sets up…like if you glue some wood together or reseal a pipe
  5. Needle-nose pliers –¬†Get a pair with a wire-cutting blade near the hinge
  6. Mixed set of screwdrivers – Ensure straight and Phillips
  7. Wire cutters/strippers – if you ever replace an outlet, you’ll want one of these
  8. Tape measure – get at least 16′
  9. Electrical tester – is there current or not
  10. Reversible drill with bit set – Ones that plug into the wall are lighter than cordless
  11. 1/2-inch steel chisel – And don’t get a pretty wood handled one. You’ll be hitting this with your hammer
  12. Utility knife
  13. Handsaw
  14. 9″ torpedo level – the kind with the three bubbles
  15. Safety glasses – Safety first

If you do more serious refinishing or painting, you may want to look into an orbital or electric sander.

Take your time and build up your toolbox as the projects come along. Our favorite is a small jeweler’s screwdriver kit for repairing sunglasses, or opening up toys that need batteries.

Seasoned homeowners, what was the tool you needed the most when you first moved in?

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