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Please Congratulate Our Award Winners

April 9th, 2014 we need to share the victories! We held our annual Sales Kickoff meeting earlier this year. We wanted to share with you the winners of our awards and hope you’ll see some names that are familiar and congratulate them on a job well done.


Top Performers

These Loan Officers were recognized for being Top Performers across several categories within the company

  • Alisa Hoska
  • Arie Cota
  • Florencio Pena
  • Jennifer Berg
  • Jose Alvarez
  • Pandora Leninger


Lifetime Achievement (Earned Top Performer 5+ times)

  • Carolyn Watcha
  • James Yu
  • Leslie Hancock

W hope you’ll pick up the phone or shoot off an email congratulating your favorite loan officer. They’ve really worked hard to help you get the best mortgage loan for you.

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