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Five Tips to Increase Your Green This Spring

April 11th, 2014

glass globe in handFive Tips to Increase Your Green This Spring

Today, we’re looking at five simple things you can do to live more naturally this Spring. Greener living can improve your healthy and happiness while helping the planet. Living green can also save you money, thus increasing the green in your wallet.

Tip 1: Turn off the heat sooner

Yes, it’s nippy in the morning, and you probably really feel it when you get out of the shower. So use the heater to take the edge off first thing. But once you’re dressed and eating breakfast, do you really need to keep it up to 70F?  Or even 68F? Warm up your insides with tea or coffee.  Keep a special cardigan around for each person to wear in the morning and have a special hook or rack where they are stored. (This prevents it from running off to school or work and being left there)  Spring and Fall are the ideal times to dress in layers since the day usually warms up.  And not turning the heat on in the evening will also make it easier to fall asleep since the house will be cooler.

Tip 2: Buy baking soda and white vinegar in bulk

And use them to clean everything. Don’t buy harsh chemicals anymore. You can look into essential oils to add a fresh scent if you like.

Here are some great resources for finding the right recipes for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and floors naturally:

Tip 3: Prepare for allergy season naturally

Don’t have any down time because you’re miserable. Local honey builds up your immune system so you’re not as reactive to local pollen. Quercetin and nettle are two herbs reported to provide natural antihistamine protection. Unfortunately, it takes awhile to build up in  your system, so start today. They’re much cheaper than over the counter medicines. And eating healthy green veggies and antioxidant rich fruits like blueberries also builds up your immune system.

And along that same line, get handkerchiefs that you can wash rather then using paper tissues. Unless you have a cold. Then you want to get the tissues out of the house as soon as possible to keep the germs away from others.

Vacuum out from under the bed if you don’t often do this. Getting rid of all the dust will help. Hopefully you have a good vacuum with a HEPA filter. If not, consider getting one when you’re ready to replace.

Tip 4: Plant some veggies

Growing some of your own food is a great way to help the environment, have fun, and save money.  Yes, two bunches of radishes may be $1 at the supermarket, but you could grow 200 radishes for the $1.79 packet of seeds.  Plan well and keep things like lettuce and radishes in a 2 week replanting rotation to have consistent veggies.

We’ve discussed planting a garden and preparing the soil in prior blog posts.

Tip 5: Go Paperless.

Spend this weekend making sure that all of your credit card companies, banks, and investment firms email you when your statement is ready rather then print it out and send it through the mail. You’ll save a ton of trees.

First gather up your statements. Then you will need to set up an online account if you don’t have one already. Usually, the company is already asking if you want to switch to paperless as soon as you log in. Keep a spreadsheet of your accounts, account numbers, balances, due dates if there are any, and contact phone numbers. If anything gets lost, or you’re missing a statement, you will know right away.

What’s your favorite part of Spring?

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