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Playing with Paint

May 6th, 2014

PaintingPlaying with Paint

We’ve talked in the past about how painting the walls will really change the feel of the room, and make the house feel newer.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about using paint in other ways, as well as some advanced techniques for your walls.

And don’t forget, you can open up a room by painting the walls one color and the ceiling a different one. Most people paint the walls a buttery yellow or light blue, and paint the ceiling white with white trim. It creates a very calming effect.

Paint a Door

Make a panel door stand out either at your front door or in another area of the home. The order of painting a panel door is quite important if you want to get a professional look.

First, paint any moldings, followed by the recessed panels. Then, paint the horizontal areas, and finish up with the vertical areas. Always use smooth strokes, following the grain of the wood. After the first coat has dried, rub the door with fine sandpaper, wipe clean, and apply a second coat.

Paint the Cabinets

The first thing you should do is wash your cabinets with soap and water. You may find it brightens them up enough to not need to repaint the base color.

Look for fun stencils at a local craft store and add in old fashioned touches either on the cabinets or along the wall on top of them. Try to find a color that enhances the decor.  Then look for fun knobs at thrift stores to add the finishing touch.

This is a great way to freshen up a bathroom as well as the kitchen.

Paint the Dressers, Bookcases, and Nightstands

You don’t need to buy much paint to redo the furniture. In this article from Better Homes and Gardens, they repainted a nightstand a bright shade of hot pink, and then painted plates (with stencils) the same color and used the plates as the wall decoration. In the same article, they teach how to paint a lampshade which is another fast way to update a room.

You can practice stencil work on bookcases as you have a large space, and it’s easy to sand it off and repaint.

Go for Texture

There are a number of paint options out there including crackle paint, metal patina, stonework, and making the paint look old. Try the techniques out on a smaller piece and then tackle the walls.

And don’t forget, you can paint ceramic coasters for practice as well, and then have some place to put your ice cold lemonade this summer.

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