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What to Buy in September 2014

August 29th, 2014

september calendarWhat to Buy in September 2014

This weekend, look for Labor Day sales galore.

In terms of discounts, you can expect to see lots of Labor Day clearance sales. Meant to move out the last of summer and early fall styles, these offers can take up to an extra 60% off already-reduced prices.

Long before other Labor Day sales begin, you can book a weekend getaway. For the last couple years, we’ve seen travel deals that take up to 30% off select hotel stays. Usually, these Labor Day sales start the first week of August and run through the first week of September. Look for up to 30% off with an extra 5% off on hotel stays from, and Orbitz’ Labor Day sale is taking up to 50% off with an additional 15% off.

Labor Day brings summer’s last sales, so it only makes sense that we typically see huge discounts on the warm weather-dependent category of patio furniture. Last year, retailers like Lowe’s, Walmart, and Target took up to 75% off patio furniture clearance during Labor Day. Kmart started deeply discounting their furniture in mid-August.

Mattresses also see steep discounts on Labor Day, typically with discounts of up to 60% off from retailers like Sears and Kmart.


Monday, September 29th is National Coffee Day. Many establishments offer a free cup of coffee either by itself or with a purchase. Keep your eyes posted later this month. Also, we’ll post updates to our Facebook page.

And while we’re on the subject of coffee, Keurig fans will probably want to spend September and October stocking up on K-cups; the manufacturer announced that it will be increasing prices by 9% starting on November 3.

Best Stuff To Buy This Month

  • Patio Furniture – The Labor Day sales will continue (but may not be as deep) throughout September. Check out your local hardware stores like OSH or big box like Lowe’s and Home Depot to see what they’re offering at end of season.
  • Last Year’s Car Models – Since many manufacturers release new car models in September, experts in the industry claim that dealerships will start slashing prices on older models. These discounts exist in September, but according to Forbes, they become substantially better in October and later. As such, you can save 10% to 20% or more on a current car if you wait until October.
  • School Supplies – Yup, still a good time to buy all the paper and pens and pencils you’ll want for the year. And this does include laptops as they’re often considered a school supply these days.
  • Golfing Equipment – Guess what else gets released in September? ¬†Yes, new golfing equipment, so once again, look for good deals on last year’s models.
  • Barbecues and Grills – Love that end of season savings.
  • Landscaping Material – Yup, bushes and plants and mulch.
  • Jewelry – September is one of the 6 months with no gift giving, and so look for special pricing on jewelry
  • Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone on September 9th. This should lead to reduced prices on the current models.

What Not To Buy

You might think to buy an appliance this month since manufacturers roll out their new models in September and October. But hold off on that until Black Friday sales in November.

Stay away from buying a new television. Black Friday deals tend to be the best price. Additionally prices on LED and HDTV technologies are volatile and shoppers interested in these sets would benefit from waiting a few months before jumping on any deals, as tempting as they may seem.

And hold off buying Fall clothing. It’s at full price. Also, don’t buy your winter coat right now.

What’s In Season

Buying in season gets you better tasting fruits and vegetables as well as saves you money. So in September, look for:

Chile Peppers
Curly Kale
French Beans
New Potatoes
Red Onions
Sweet Corn

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