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Eight ways to improve your home appraisal

January 23rd, 2015

Business man house in human handEight ways to improve your home appraisal

Whether you’re selling, refinancing, or looking for a home equity line of credit, you want to get an accurate home appraisal.

Unfortunately, not all home appraisers are created equal, and some even cut corners without looking at the important details.  So here are eight things you can do to improve your home appraisal. And remember to know the difference between a CMA and an appraisal.

Make Sure Your Appraiser Knows Your Neighborhood

There are pockets and micro communities.  If you step off the curb, you’re in a different zone.  So make sure your appraiser knows that just because you’re in one district doesn’t mean you’re in the same neighborhood as the places 3 miles down the road.

Provide Your Own Comparables

If you provide the appraiser with three solid and well-priced comparable properties, you will save them time as well as ensure that they have appropriate comps rather then having them randomly pick some from the neighborhood.

Know What Adds the Most Value

As we’ve talked about before with remodeling, kitchens and bathrooms get the most value.  However, wood floors, landscaping and enclosed garages also increase appraisals.

Document Your Fix Ups

You’d want to do this for tax and insurance purposes.  But if the records are a little haphazard, take some time and organize it into different file folders, and make them available for the appraiser.

Talk Up Your Town

Has your town gotten any award, or award winning restaurants, museums, parks, colleges, etc?  Make your community seem vibrant as it will increase the  perceived value of your home.

Distinguish Between Upstairs and Downstairs

If you’ve remodeled and completely finished a basement or an attic, you will need to point that out to the appraiser, as these are often not counted in the square footage, and therefore the final appraisal.

Clean Up

Clean up and declutter where you can.  Put bowls of flowers in the front.  Have cookies baking.  Make your home seem clean, upscale, and organized.

Let the Appraiser Alone to Do Their Job

If you follow the appraiser around, they’ll be more focused on you then on the home, so let them know where you are if they have any questions.


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