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The Case For The Open House

February 20th, 2015

Open HouseThe Case For The Open House

by Phoebe Chongchua

Buyers expect to see homes listed for sale up close and personal and often, that means through a private visit with their real estate agent. However, another popular and smart way to entice buyers to take a closer look is via the open house.      Open house tours are a great way for sellers to showcase their home in its very best light. You know that the home will be on display for several hours rather than at a limited-time appointment.

So, this is the ideal time to make the most of your home’s features without any distractions. That means it’s time to take the pets with you for the day and let your agent host the open house. Getting the pets out of the house makes it so much easier to show off your home. Even the friendliest pet can be a distraction for buyers.

Next, be sure to stage your home before the open house. No dirty laundry lying around. Clear the counter tops. De-clutter the rooms by taking things off the floor and storing them in drawers, closets or on shelves. These are quick fixes you can do on your own to prepare for the open house but, ultimately, you may want to hire a professional to stage your home; it will make a huge impact. Professional stagers know exactly how to set the home up to make it the most attractive to the masses of buyers.

Open houses are generally the first-time look for buyers. This is when they’ll often decide to schedule a private showing if they’re impressed with your home.

For your agent, an open house is an excellent way to see how many and what type of buyers your home is attracting. This provides greater direction for marketing your home. The type of questions asked and how long buyers spend at your open house can reveal a lot and be an indication of the likelihood of getting offers on the home.

Some sellers might not want to do an open house because of the work that’s involved in preparing for it. However, if that’s your position, this will likely hurt you. Even though having masses of people traipse through your home may not be appealing, it is exactly what you need to sell it. And, yes, putting time and energy into cleaning it up and having it sparkle really will pay off.

Also, be sure you tell your agent important details about the home–its features, renovations, and even the reason you’re selling the home. Buyers will ask direct questions. They want to know the details and how motivated you are to sell.

Use the day to get out of the house with the pets and the kids and do something you enjoy. Leave the open house hosting to your real estate agent. Chances are, if have you advertised and have the home listed at the right price, a few weekends of open houses will be well worth it when the offers start coming in.

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