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Our primary mission is to serve customers looking to purchase or refinance residential real estate within the state of California. To best achieve this goal, Mortgage California has established a powerful lending environment we call our Banker - Broker platform. With this unique combination of strength and flexibility, we can originate and fund your loan internally using our private mortgage bank, or, when necessary, broker your loan to one of America's top wholesale lenders.

Strength: We proudly bare the seal of approval from the Federal House Administration as we are a fully delegated Direct Endorsement lender authorized by the United States government to originate, underwrite and fund FHA loans. Our strong balance sheet allows us the capacity to close and deliver loans directly to Freddie Mac, America's premier provider of "conforming" home loans. Additionally, we are authorized to originate, underwrite and fund under the CalHFA program and participate in local bond fund projects such as the Mortgage Credit Certificate "MCC" program.

Flexibility: When the need arises, we are authorized under the licensing of the California Department of Corporations to deliver your processed mortgage application to specialized funding sources. We seek out and secure agreements with commercial banks sources such as Union Bank, US Bank, Chase, Wells Fargo, or, affiliated mortgage companies like Bank of America Home Loans. Other important industry sources include insurance companies, such as ING, Metropolitan Life.

Thank you for considering Mortgage California for you home loan financing needs.

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